How to Become an Interior Decorator the Essential

How to Become an Interior Decorator the Essential:- Do you want to revamp your interior? And for that, you need to be advised in terms of colors and styles? The interior designer is here to help you! But what is a decorator? And what are his areas of expertise? Discover in this guide all you need to know about this job.

With the proliferation of television programs devoted to interior decoration and specialized magazines, the profession of decorator has been a real passion for some years. If you are interested in this profession, check out our article on training to become an interior designer.

The Role of the Interior Decorator

Specialist in interior decoration and space planning, he designs interior spaces taking into account the needs and desires of his client in terms of aesthetics and budget. Real pro of the combination of materials, structures, colors and styles, this ultra-creative professional at the forefront of the latest trends can as well tackle the redesign of homes (villa, house, apartment) that workplaces (shops, hotels, professional offices, companies …)

His goal: Rethink your interior and arrange the space so as to beautify it and make it pleasant while being functional. But unlike the interior designer, the decorator or decorator never touches the load-bearing walls or the structure of the building. He will optimize the lighting and will play on the combination of different elements such as materials, volumes or furniture to create a decoration that reflects the personality of the occupants. He will combine different styles, colors, and materials in a harmonious way to make an interior a unique place.

Its Services

Always up-to-date with the latest trends, this overflowing professional has a perfect command of different styles, design and art history.

The Chief Decorator

The areas of expertise of this decorating professional are varied:

  • Definition of the realization of the proposed project to the clients
  • Drawing plans for interior fittings
  • Mastery of computer-assisted design and drafting software (CAD / CAD) for 3D simulation
  • Mastery of technical drawing
  • Respect of safety standards in the case of public spaces
  • Plans and models relating to the various stages of the project
  • Selection of different professionals
  • Choice of decorative elements: coverings, curtains, cushions, colors, furniture, trinkets etc.
  • Supervision and management of the intervention schedule of the various stakeholders
  • Control of the realization of the works
  • Respect for deadlines
  • Customer support to manage the administrative part of the site

The Decorator, Consultant Coach

Beyond his role as site manager, the decorator can wear the cap of the consultant coach. He then proposes three main types of services: the tour advice, the shopping decoration, and the coaching decoration.

The purpose of the advisory visit is to help the client to define his needs and to give him implementation advice. The deco shopping consists of accompanying him in stores to make the necessary purchases for the successful completion of the project (furniture, curtains, accessories, etc.), based on a list previously prepared. Finally, the deco coaching consists of understanding the psychology of the client by putting the individual at the center of the reflection to propose the most personalized decoration possible.

You will find more information on this in an article about the various services offered by the decorator. This profession comes in different professions: painter decorator, home stager, upholsterer decorator, coach decor, etc. For more information on these different professions, we advise you to read the article dedicated to the various professions related to the interior designer.

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